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Expert nutrition solutions in the Peel region

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INDi dietitians in the Peel region are dedicated to inspiring nutrition solutions individualised to meet your needs.

Our areas of specialty include:
Bariatric surgery
With 6 years’ experience in the field of weight loss surgery, Debra Wicks has provided dietary counseling for people undergoing lap-band, sleeve gastrectomy and Roux n Y bypass surgery. Comprehensive dietary counseling is provided before and after surgery in order to achieve optimal weight loss, tolerance and variety in the diet and nutrition status,Also provided is re-education for those who find eating after weight loss surgery difficult or for those who have never received dietary counseling following their surgery. Debra Wicks is an Associate Member of OSSANZ and regularly attends this weight loss surgery forum conference, keeping up to date with the latest research and findings from the experts in this field.

Eating disorders
Evidence based support is provided in a sensitive environment for those in the acute or recovery phases of eating disorders. Incorporating motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy practices into our counseling; working in conjunction with other therapists involved in the care of the person.

Food intolerances
Vast experience and highly skilled in investigating food intolerances manifesting in a variety of symptoms including: irritable bowel syndrome; migraines; eczema; mood disorders and ADHD. Investigations are carried out through a series of eliminations and challenges of food chemicals and sugars. Following identification of potential foods implicated we work with individuals to balance the diet and increase tolerance.

Take advantage of our:
Shop to table menu planning
Our shop to table menu planning service is designed for those who find the concept of healthy eating difficult to incorporate into their busy lives and want a hassle-free transition. We will work with you to formulate an eating plan with recipes that are easy to prepare and that the whole family will enjoy. We will provide you with a complete shopping list for all the raw ingredients you will need for a full week (we’ll even do the first shop for you). We’ll then provide you with a beautifully presented meal planner for up to 4 weeks that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle.